Bara Cailín 1: 12 ‘I have another job’

‘I have another job, Inteachán,’ Mac smiled. ‘The usual terms and conditions apply.’

‘Thrilled, as always,’ replied Inteachán. And she was. This is what she did best.

‘In a barrow there is a horn,’ continued Mac. ‘Please fetch it for me.’

‘With pleasure, Mac,’ smiled Inteachán.

‘Head to Knocknarea and find the cairn of Queen Mebh.’ Mac laughed. ‘Enormous great thing, you can’t miss it.’

Inteachán laughed too. She loved fetching things for inclusion in Mac’s almanac.

‘There is a secret chamber that everyone has forgotten about. But not us.’

‘No,’ replied Inteachán, ‘not us.’


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