Falcon Boy: Vol. 1: 43 ‘Everything Seems too Much’

The pass that Ellis found gave her unlimited access to all areas of the stadium. Showtime was rapidly approaching and everyone was so busy that no one really paid too much attention to a young girl wandering around on her own.

Hundreds of people swarmed backstage, some pushing boxes on wheels, others telling those pushing the boxes where to push them. Other people were up ladders, fixing things.

Up on the stage, she could see technicians straightening microphone stands and taping their cables safely to the floor. Ellis saw that most people were walking normally but every now and then, someone would be limping as they went about their business.

Doodah3Television crews were also setting up, and Ellis could see large cameras being moved into position, ready to transmit tonight’s concert all around the world. Ellis walked past a giant mixing desk with more buttons and dials than she had ever seen before in her life.

There was so much going on that Ellis began to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of her task. When you don’t know where to start looking for something you know you really need to find, it can be a very overwhelming thing. Everything seems too much and nowhere seems like the right place to begin. This is how Ellis was beginning to feel.

‘Mind out, kid,’ someone shouted as they dragged a trolley past.

‘Go home to your Mum and Dad,’ said a long-haired man wearing a baseball cap and carrying a clipboard. ‘This is adult pop stuff.’

‘If you are not part of the crew or one of the acts, I need you to vacate this area immediately,’ said a big, broad man with ‘Security’ written on his t-shirt.

‘If you want an autograph, you need to apply via the website,’ said a harassed-looking lady with a telephone in each hand.

Tired, scared, and beginning to wish she hadn’t been quite so brave in the first place, Ellis found a quiet corner backstage and sat down next to a massive lorry. She felt like crying.

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