Bara Cailín 1: 35 ‘The Dumb Waiter’

On the wall to her right was a dumb waiter used to supply artists with their pre-show meals.

Inteachán slipped her wrists free of the cable tie, leapt to her feet, grabbed the box, reached the dumb waiter, pressed the button and climbed inside before the Rock Star realised what was happening.

Frantically she pulled the door shut and felt herself descending in the darkness. As she did so Inteachán could hear the Rock Star raging up above her.

‘I’ll get you, you hateful little brat,’ screamed the deluded Rock Star. ‘And when I do you’ll know you’ve been got.’

Inteachán waited until the dumb waiter stopped descending. She pulled up the door and stepped out.

What does the future hold for Bara Cailín?

Bara Cailín began as a simple experiment in writing flash fiction.

I had had the idea of young child teaming up with an elderly academic to save the planet from a cosmic threat for a while and was looking at how best to develop it. Having worked at Trinity College Dublin I also wanted to make this institution an integral part of the story. So I started writing.

I always knew that the structure was going to be episodic, even before I thought of publishing it as a daily serial, and so as I began writing I could see straightaway how the story was going to unfold. The short form really helped as well; allowing me to focus on generating narrative momentum whilst also allowing me to create enough space for other people to fill in their own blanks.

As you know, I have been publishing the daily sections as chapters and this seemed fine to begin with but now that I am at the stage in the story where a natural break has occurred (but yet to be revealed) I have had to reconsider the structuring of the project. In fact it was only this afternoon that the current structure came to me and I have now changed the existing posts and those yet to be published in order to fit this new format.

Essentially, I am now using a Chapter and Verse structure, with each ‘existing’ chapter now becoming a verse. This means that as the adventures unfold Bara Cailín will become a series of chapters, each one containing a series of numbered verses.

The beauty of this structure is that it allows me to retain the story’s episodic nature whilst also delineating clear breaks in the unfolding of Inteachán’s adventures. Another reason for reorganizing the story of Bara Cailín in this way is with regard to the future of the project.

I am currently looking at how I can further develop the series – I just haven’t decided how. I am already working on a screenplay and I can see the story’s potential as a feature, animated or otherwise. But that is just one possibility. The adventures of Inteachán and her struggle to save the world from the NotBeSpeak would also work equally well as an animated series for television or YouTube or any other audiovisual platform. Another idea would be for the adventures to be illustrated and turn Bara Cailín into a novel, graphic or otherwise. As you can see, at this stage I am simply open to any and all possibilities.

The most important thing is that the story will continue as a daily serial published on my blog but who knows what the future will bring?

If you have any thoughts then please feel free to let me know.

What does the future hold for Bara Cailín?

Bara Cailín 1: 34 ‘Inteachán Spots her Chance’

Inteachán had said very little while the Rock Star outlined his insane plan. She looked scared but this was only a ruse. Her hands were tightly bound behind her back and the chair she was sitting was getting more and more uncomfortable.

Inteachán realised that by gently moving her thumbs together in a clockwise rotation she was able to loosen the cable tie that bound her hands.

 By now the Rock Star had really lost the run of himself and was bounding around the room in his Cuban heels muttering about centuries of indignities finally being tallied up and taken for.

 He wasn’t paying any attention to Inteachán and she realised that this was her chance.

Bara Cailín 1: 33 ‘We will take this dirty old town by sunrise’

‘As you know, The5 exist in the spaces between things,’ explained the Rock Star. ‘The white between the words on a page, lines of a book or the editing of a film.’

The Rock Star rubbed his hands together.

‘Tonight The5 will reveal themselves in part to the world via the rapid cuts of the specially-created video that will be playing on the massive wall of screens behind the band.’

Inteachán said nothing.

‘As the video plays and the strobes pulse and the music deafens, the crowd will gradually become hypnotized to do the bidding of The5.’

The Rock Star leapt to his Cuban-heeled feet.

‘As the concert’s climax is reached I will blow the Horn and The5 will appear to 80 000 brand-new followers – plus the four of us in the band.’

‘We will take this dirty old town by sunrise.’

Bara Cailín 1: 32 ‘I am going to have to have you killed.’

‘What do you think will happen when I blow the horn?’ asked the Rock Star.

Inteachán didn’t reply.

‘The Summoning will begin,’ continued The Rock Star. ‘And once the Summoning has begun then there will be no stopping events.’ He smiled. ‘But you know all this, don’t you, because Mac has explained everything to you, hasn’t he?’

‘He has, replied Inteachán, ‘and I am now more convinced than ever that he was right.’

The Rock Star frowned.

‘I’m not going to argue with you, Inteachán,’ he replied. ‘I’m going to tell you the truth about what is really happening and then,’ he paused dramatically, ‘I am going to have to have you killed.’

Bara Cailín 1: 31 ‘Your tiny little mind would simply shatter’

‘You cannot begin to imagine what I have seen and heard,’ boasted the Rock Star. ‘Your tiny little mind would simply shatter.’

He stood up and walked to a desk. He opened a drawer and took out an ornate box. The Rock Star placed the box on the floor between Inteachán and his chair.

Inteachán eyes lit up.

‘This is what that geriatric dodderer sent you to fetch,’ said the Rock Star pointing at the box. ‘This box contains the Horn of Donn Cuailnge.’

The box was made from an ancient wood and was carved with figures that Inteachán couldn’t quite make out. Though the room was dim the box glowed bright from within.