Terminal Transit

The creative agency responsible for Crowley-Baird Inc.,’s forthcoming ‘Terminal Transit’ campaign are currently test-driving a series of gifs ahead of the official launch in 2016. This is the first in the series and is called ‘SkyLine.’ Everything is Beta at the moment but the team are very interested in feedback so if you have any […]

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Bara Cailín Ident test

Hi Everyone Here’s a test ident for Bara Cailín. I am trying to capture that particularly unsettling feeling that I always associate with British science fiction, supernatural and horror television shows from the 1970s – in particular, Roger Price’s The Tomorrow People (1973-1979); Children of the Stones (Peter Graham Scott, 1977); and Nigel Kneale’s wonderful […]

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Crowley Baird Inc.

Morning Everyone Crowley Baird Inc. is an imagining of what happens when a simple coincidence becomes the basis for a re-imagining of a small seaside town and its role in the birth of television.

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