As positive things keep happening it is always important to be alive to the opportunities presented by the wonderful spread of digital content and the potential found in using technology to share good news and provide opportunities for engagement.


Hi Everyone
Here is the second in a series of WordPress blog posts reflecting research I have recently been conducting. These are very much my own reflections and at the moment we are moving forward with them.
Along the way we can see that pronouns are warping, merging, metamorphosing, and transforming. As positive things keep happening it is always important to be alive to the opportunities presented by the wonderful spread of digital content and the potential found in using technology to share good news and provide opportunities for engagement.
It is always a pleasure to keep using technology and apps and other ways of getting the message out there to everyone.
Nowadays it is more than simply sharing links, however positive that may be for everyone.

Whenever we think about the future we immediately think about the positive opportunities that the future has for all of us when we open our eyes and embrace the possibilities we see buying paperback books on Amazon.

Hello Everyone

We are playing with words today.

Key words.

We are seeing what they sound like when we say them out loud.

We are putting them in an interesting order to see if this has a positive effect.

We are writing differently.

Using a brand new approach.

Using positive words to test their impact on being read.



Putting into practice all of the very important reading we have been doing about exciting advances in software technology.




All of the exciting opportunities that exist in the story of the 21st Century.

We are seeing what happens if we open our eyes to a new way of looking at things.

It is always good to try new things.

Positive things.

We really hope you are having a fantastic day.


We are sharing our love of information by including links to other new and exciting opportunities.

We hope you find this new approach interesting.

We really hope to speak to you all soon.



The Digital Divide: Front Matter, Printers Keys, Colophons, TOCs, and all Manner of other Typesetting Tomfoolery 

Hi Everyone

Intoxicated by the fresh scent of newly-printed matter, I have been on a formatting frenzy.

Even as we speak I am taking a break from page breaks and section breaks.

At the moment, the breaks are winning and I have requested that an extra dropdown tab from the menu be made available to me.

Page Break,

Section Break.

Heart Break.

I have learned more about front matter, printers keys, colophons, TOCs and all manner of other typesetting tomfoolery  in the last few days than in a lifetime of writing.

It is writing.

The mechanics of the process.

But it is also something else.

It is the clothes we wear.

Our shoes.

The turn of a collar.

The button unbuttoned.

The single-breasted suit.

Have a great week.



The Digital Divide: The story of a snow storm?

Hi Everyone

The snow has arrived.

Thick and heavy.


Pretty irritating.

The sky looks like the blank page at the start of a new novel.

White space.

Does this mean that footprints in the snow are like words?

Tire tracks as paragraphs?

The story of a snow storm typed onto its own downfall?

Stay safe and warm, everyone.

The Digital Divide: Everything Begins Again (Again)


Hi Everyone

I’m writing again.

Just a thousand words.

It’s very different.

Far from what I’m used to writing.

Or have ever written before.

But it’s fun.

The thrill of the new.

I have no idea where it will lead.

Even if it leads anywhere.

It doesn’t have to.

I might not let you see it.

I might not let anyone.

At this stage it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that everything begins again.




The Digital Distance: That Lovely Place Between Words


Hello Everyone

I haven’t written a word for five days now.

Not that I’m counting.


I normally write 200 words per day.

Or at least try to.

Sometimes less. Sometimes more.

I’m fine with not writing anything.

I learned a long time ago not to be hard on myself when I wasn’t writing.

But I do prefer to be writing all the same.

When this happens to me I imagine that I am in that lovely place between words.

We are all in that place.

Sometimes not for long.

The time it takes to finish a sentence.

Or weld three sentences to form a paragraph.

Eight paragraphs to become a chapter.

Other times the time it takes for the words to begin again.

I have been in that lovely place for five days now.

I am fine with this.

I am simply waiting for that next …

Are you there too?

The Digital Distance: Writing Without Words


Hi Everyone

In class the other day we were talking about composition and framing in contemporary filmmaking.

The conversation was animated and interesting and we were thinking of examples from films when the position that someone stands in can be read as something much more than the actor simply hitting their mark.

For example, an actor standing alone in the frame can suggest isolation.

A high camera angle and long shot length can heighten this feeling by also emphasizing smallness.

We have all seen moments in films when characters are overwhelmed by the enormity of the events that they find themselves experiencing and this enormity is doubly emphasised by their actual smallness within the frame.

No words are needed.

Single figures in a single frame can also be used to signal dominance.

Actors fill the frame with their body and this filling of the frame can be read in a variety of ways that all place emphasis on the character’s importance to the film.

Again, no words are needed.

When writing I aim to see my story cinematically.

I imagine what the story would look like as a film.

Not because I expect this to actually happen – even though it would be marvelous if it ever did.

I see my writing this way because I find it helps me strip away the language.

It helps me find the least number of words needed for a sentence.

The least number of sentences needed for a paragraph.

You get the idea.

No words are needed.

How do you write?

Speak Soon