VIRO – Proposal for TV Series – Introduction


And so the task begins, as I start to turn the highly successful VIRO book series into a proposal for a TV series. Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing insights and updates as to how this process is going.  So let’s begin at the beginning.

VIRO – The TV Series Proposal

GENRE: Horror/Science Fiction – Post-Apocalypse

TAG LINE: Four Kids, One Apocalypse

LOG LINE: As a viral pandemic turns the world into bloodthirsty creatures, a boy with special needs looks for his missing mum.

VIRO tells the story of Jake, a boy born with special needs who wakes one morning to find that the world has been catastrophically overrun by a deadly virus and his mum has not come home after work. Determined but unused to being out on his own, Jake sets off to find her.

The book series is set in the south east of England and Season One takes place in Burton-on-Sea, a fictional seaside town modelled on Hastings. The time is somewhere in the 1970s. 

There is no knowing exactly where the virus came from and the point of the series is that no-one will ever know. There is a lot of speculation but no definitive explanation. This makes VIRO darker and bleaker as we soon come to realise that the world will not be saved. 

The story is not a race to find a cure but about finding a way to simply survive. Science, like God, and society, is broken now. It makes no difference, especially to a group of teenage friends who don’t really have time to try and make sense of what has happened.  They just want to stay alive.

Inteachán – Book Five: The Tallest Tower Crane 5: 36 ‘a broken tablespoon’

Imagine how long it would take to dismantle a length of iron railings with your bare hands?

Or take down a wall of granite blocks with only a screwdriver?

Cobblestones are reasonably easy to get up but what about doing just this for days and nights on end and the only tool you have is a broken tablespoon.

Windows of any size are always simple to break but collecting all that broken glass with no gloves and bare feet is not a job that anyone would undertake unless forced to at gunpoint.

Inteachán – Book Three: Operation Turnback 3: 1 ‘Clanbrassil Bridge’

So those cosmic cogs and folds and gears and sinister synapses beyond the sense of those of us still left alive continue to grind and grate and turn and as they do so the Second of TheFive finds the moment opportune and duly crosses over fresh with purpose to surprise the world by taking the form of the bridge over the Grand Canal called Clanbrassil.

Inteachán – Book Two: A New Signal 2: 19 ‘He calls them The5’

‘Nobody has seen the Rock Star since the concert,’ said Mac.

‘He wasn’t with the people rescued from the Phoenix Park Tunnel.’

‘He told me that he knew all about us,’ said Inteachán. ‘All our plans.’

‘He must be in contact with the NotBeSpeak,’ said Mac.

‘He calls them The5,’ said Inteachán. ‘They spoke to him in his recording studio.’

‘Then that’s where we need to start,’ smiled Mac.

Inteachán – Book Two: A New Signal 2: 18 ‘What do I need to do?’

‘I have been dreading this,’ said Mac, ‘but I need to ask you to carry on with your task.’

A small tear appeared.

‘I never knew such sadness as when you were lost and I know I run the risk of such sadness again but the world needs you. It needs you more than ever, Inteachán.’

Inteachán took Mac’s hand.

‘What do I need to do?’ she asked.

Inteachán – Book Two: A New Signal 2: 17 ‘Everyone is waiting’

‘The First has been transmitting a new signal,’ said Mac.

‘And has caused the weeds to threaten to swallow the city.’

‘What about the crowds?’ asked Inteachán. ‘There are more people here than I have ever seen in my entire life.’

‘Everyone is waiting,’ said Mac. ‘They know that something is about to happen.’

Mac paused.

‘Sadly, they all think that it will be a good thing.’

‘It won’t be,’ said Inteachán.

‘It never could be,’ replied Mac.


Inteachán – Book Two: A New Signal 2: 16 ‘I truly failed’

And then I jumped,’ said Inteachán.

‘The crowd roared. I hit the Rock Star. Then nothing.’

‘Nothing?’ asked Mac. ‘Did you feel anything? Remember anything?’

‘Nothing,’ she replied, ‘but I know that they are here.’

‘They are,’ said Mac, ‘but only one. The First.’

‘Then I failed,’ cried Inteachán. ‘I truly failed.’

‘Not ever,’ replied Mac. ‘No not ever.’

Inteachán – Book Two: A New Signal 2: 14 ‘The Phoenix Park Tunnel’

The audience from the fateful concert were discovered the next morning in the Phoenix Park Tunnel when workmen opened an old section due for development.

To their astonishment they found 80, 000 people standing silently in long lines, as if waiting for something.

Mac watched amazed as the television news report showed streams of dazed people being led blinking into the daylight.

Inteachán – Book Two: A New Signal 2: 13 ‘Despair is an inverse’

To get up and go out every morning began to take its toll on Mac.

Coming home late at night didn’t help either. He was exhausted.

Hope will give you an energy you didn’t know existed. You can carry a weight as far as you have to go.

Despair is an inverse of this and will root you to the very spot.

Each step feels like the last you can ever manage.

And then one more. Once more.