The Entry Word 1.4

‘I don’t know what I want with you yet,’ says Jodocus Meaddowcraft to the General Assembly of the United Nations. ‘You brought me here and I haven’t had time to formulate a plan.’ All languages at once are heard true in his ear. Only the world cannot hear each other. ‘You gathered people are right […]

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The Entry Word 1.3

Sea levels start to rise. Waves lap. Buildings now bob. Submerged where once they stood tall and proud. Clouds boil black and fearful. Deserts grow tall green grass springing from the dirty sand. ‘Simple tricks,’ says Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘Pointless entertainments designed not to prove worth but to simply demonstrate. D-E-M-O-N-STRATE.’ Mere feints and darts. Patients […]

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The Entry Word 1.2

‘We are here,’ says Jodocus Meaddowcraft. Not tall or small or large. Just him. Her. Both. Neither. All. Bleary-eyed. Centuries-old and the same tired. Crumpled after arriving. Constipated. Wearing a plain linen suit with a sweat ring beneath each arm. Polyester shirt. Slip-on shoes. Migraine. ‘I suppose you could call us cosmic spam if you […]

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The Entry Word – 1.1

PART I ‘MENAGERIUM JODOCUS’ 1.1 It is the global television coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics that brings about the end of the world. No virus. Outbreak. Meteor hurtling earthward. Planet warming. Planet cooling. Rising tides. Tidal waves. Instead, viewers around the globe are endlessly encouraged to email and text and tweet and share their […]

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The Entry Word

Morning Everyone I thought I would post a brief update on where we are and where we are going. A brand-new serial adventure called The Entry Word begins on this blog on Wednesday 31st August and just to keep things varied and lively episodes will be published weekly instead of daily. The Entry Word tells […]

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