The Entry Word 1.13

‘Backwards,’ declares Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘Backwards now world-spinning. All progress halt. New histories writing.’ His voice is a terrible one, all wrath and gritty. ‘Not resting us ‘til world back beginning spin at start once more.’ Bartholomaus Hamson, Einav Dionisii, Mally Jaqueminet, Agatho Wagner, and Husniya Hindge agree. ‘My plan,’ crows Jodocus Meaddowcraft to the weary… Read More The Entry Word 1.13

The Entry Word 1.10

With a stench from beyond space and time Mally Jaqueminet appears. She is wreathed in rotting weeds. ‘Nihil her thing best,’ says Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘See shining eye danger her facing you. Malingering. Moody. Malevolent. Malicious. Magnificent. Murderous. Mean. Malodorous.’ Mally bows lows to the watching world. Jodocus Meaddowcraft continues. ‘Calamitous. Deadly. Dire. Noxious. Pernicious. Ruinous.… Read More The Entry Word 1.10

The Entry Word 1.9

Another appears. Bulbous. Slime-lined. Mollusc. ‘Einav Dionisii,’ waves Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘Wrong all do. Evil only evil only ever.’ Einav clears his throat and begins to speak like the discord of a rusty orchestra. ‘More more agathokakological, gathered ones. A-G-A-T-H-O-K-A-K-O-L-O-G-I-C-A-L. Mainly leaning one way and then other but balanced overall.’ Jodocus Meaddowcraft begs to differ. ‘Balance… Read More The Entry Word 1.9

The Entry Word 1.8

‘Here Bartholomaus Hamson introducing,’ says Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘Lieutenant. Sidekick. Limb.’ Bartholomaus Hamson is an ugly brute of a manstrosity. ‘Herds Bartholomaus Hamson the Unslept,’ continues Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘Guidance divining crowd control.’ Bartholomaus Hamson offers his sleaziest of smiles. ‘Grin on, fine friend,’ says Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘Planet now feeling fear and not happiness.’ Bartholomaus Hamson begins… Read More The Entry Word 1.8