As positive things keep happening it is always important to be alive to the opportunities presented by the wonderful spread of digital content and the potential found in using technology to share good news and provide opportunities for engagement.


Hi Everyone
Here is the second in a series of WordPress blog posts reflecting research I have recently been conducting. These are very much my own reflections and at the moment we are moving forward with them.
Along the way we can see that pronouns are warping, merging, metamorphosing, and transforming. As positive things keep happening it is always important to be alive to the opportunities presented by the wonderful spread of digital content and the potential found in using technology to share good news and provide opportunities for engagement.
It is always a pleasure to keep using technology and apps and other ways of getting the message out there to everyone.
Nowadays it is more than simply sharing links, however positive that may be for everyone.

The Calm Before the Digital Storm: The Ordinariness of My Life


Hi Everyone

How are you today?

I’m feeling calm this morning.

Calmer than I have in a while.

I have a full day’s teaching and preparation.

This the ordinariness of my life.

And I’m not complaining.

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is the opportunity to stand in front of a class and get carried away talking about something I love.

To do this every day is a real privilege.

Especially considering that my major topics of classroom conversation are all film-related.

What’s not to like about being paid to talk about films all day?

And think about films?

And collaborate in their making?

And make them yourself?


But if this wasn’t already enough I then have the chance to go home and keep working on the imminent release of the first two novels in the VIRO series.

I am at the final editing stage.

I’m nearly there.

I’m also playing with cover designs.

What do you think?


VIRO test cover 2 JAN 2018

It just gets better and better.

I hope your day goes really well.

Let me know what you are up to.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


The Digital Divide: The Fun of Formatting


Hi Everyone.


I spent three years writing a doctoral dissertation and used to love the hours I spent fussing over commas and colons. I could while away a whole afternoon formatting a single footnote and then be satisfied that this was all I had done for the day.

I worked in an enormous university library somewhere in the south east of England – it was the size of a decent shopping centre  – and had a small perch/nest (room) overlooking a large reading room. With the exception of the occasional undergraduate who was happier talking than actually reading, the sense of silence was awe-inspiring.

I treated my doctorate like a job and wrote between 9 and 12 everyday Monday to Friday. Then I would stop for lunch.

After lunch I would return to my perch and not write.

I would do anything else I felt was necessary dissertation-wise, but I avoided writing anything new.

Once I left the library for the day it was as if my doctorate didn’t exist. I was lucky to be able to forget all about it and not lay awake at night worrying whether I would finish it or not.

The next morning I would be on the bus at 8am and spend the hour it took to get to my perch reading two newspapers.

I didn’t always feel like writing but I did always feel like sitting in my perch.

I’m no longer sitting in that library but I do still eat my lunch at 12 Monday to Friday.

I hope you have a productive day whatever you are doing.


P.S. How do you work?


The Digital Distance: To Print or Not to Print?


Happy New Year Everyone

It is that wonderful time of year when all things are reset and everything begins back at the beginning.

Or does it?

The Viro project is still up and running and perhaps it is due to my years of academic training but I still need to have something printed before I can truly get to grips with it.

Like everyone else, words accumulate on-screen on a daily basis and whilst I know that they are there in front of me it also feels like they are somehow far away.

I can keep adding words (and I do keep adding words) – one of the many values of completing a PhD is the daily discipline it forces you to adhere to –  but the profoundly intimate relationship I have developed with every single one of my millions of words is also simultaneously extremely impersonal.

This is not to say that they are not my words. They most certainly are – each and every one. Perhaps I am simply acknowledging the digital distance that can now exist between oneself and one’s work.

Nor do I yearn for anything older or more intensive.

I love writing by hand but couldn’t contemplate accumulating as many words as I have managed to do over the years if I had to keep turning a page.

I save the pleasure of handwriting for cards, letters and the occasional note to school.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that I have printed a draft of Book One in the Viro series and am now copy-editing it.

I’m not going to lie; this is not my favourite part of the whole process but it does mean that I get to use my favourite pen.

Have a great day everyone.

Story16 – Time Lapse

Hi Everyone

Here is a short time lapse piece produced during an event I recently took part in called Story16 – The Art of Digital Storytelling. The video is courtesy of the very talented Ammar Saleh who work can be found on his YouTube channel here.

Story16 saw a panel of experts interact with a live audience to discuss online gaming, YouTube, podcasting, virtual communities and other aspects of digital storytelling. Following these discussions, the panel and audience came together to invent the story for a brand new game.

The event took place at Filmbase in Temple Bar on Wednesday the 10th of February 2016.

The panel was made up of the audiovisual research collective voicesonfilm, YouTube gamer and community builder Games4Kickz, and podcasters StoryBreakers.

We are currently awaiting more audiovisual content from Story16 and I will add more posts as it arrives. In the meantime sit back and enjoy the time lapse …


Bara Cailín Ident test

Hi Everyone

Here’s a test ident for Bara Cailín. I am trying to capture that particularly unsettling feeling that I always associate with British science fiction, supernatural and horror television shows from the 1970s – in particular, Roger Price’s The Tomorrow People (1973-1979); Children of the Stones (Peter Graham Scott, 1977); and Nigel Kneale’s wonderful Quatermass IV (1979).

two16 (rebel|robot|mcs 2015)

Following on from yesterday’s post I thought you would all like to see another film in the new series created by the rebel|robot|mcs (note the new spelling). This is the video to accompany their second track in the SIXTEEN series two16 inspired, once again, by the sounds made by analogue film paraphernalia. This particular film really gets to the heart of the project and I think promises much more to come.

Rebel Robot MCs can now be found on Vimeo

Hi Everyone
I am delighted to announce that the Rebel Robot MCs can now be found on Vimeo and will be posting videos to accompany their series of tracks inspired by the sounds made by analogue film paraphernalia. Take a look, follow them and if you like what you see share as well. As they write on their profile:

Join us on a journey and we’ll take you with us wherever we go.


For those of you worried that those rhythm-crafty beatsketeers DJ Slo-Mo, Nuclear Boy and R-Man (better known as Rebel Robot MCs) had fallen by the way the wayside I am thrilled to share this tweet I came across this afternoon. Inspired by ‘the noises made by analogue film paraphernalia’ the track one16 and the video that accompanies it makes me think that the Rebel Robot MCs are maturing as a collective. Who knows where this new direction will lead them?