Inteachán – Book Three: Operation Turnback 3: 12 ‘Perambulatem Canalis’

The book was little more than a sheaf of yellowed pages and Mac was waving it so excitedly that Inteachán thought it was bound to crumble at any moment and fall gently to the floor like a desiccated butterfly’s wing.

‘This is the original draft of what later became the 12th Earl of Silverhill’s seminal Perambulatem Canalis.’

Mac sat back down.

‘Published in 1783, the Perambulatem Canalis tells the story of one man’s obsession with culverts, conduits, and cloaca.

He pushed his glasses back onto his forehead and looked at Inteachán.

‘I’m feeling more like my old self again.’

Inteachán – Book Three: Operation Turnback 3: 10 ‘Tibradden Lough’

‘Legend has that it that the middle of this island can be reached by anyone plucky enough to descend into the depths of this mountain.’

‘And what would they find?’ asked Inteachán.

‘Well,’ continued Mac, ‘our interest is not with the middle of this troubled land. ‘

He smiled at Inteachán.

‘But we would be very interested in the Tibradden Lough.’

‘A lake?’ asked Inteachán.

‘What would a lake be doing inside a mountain?’

Inteachán – Book Three: Operation Turnback 3: 9 ‘Sliabh Thigh Bródáin’

Tibradden forest.

Inteachán trod lightly on the midnight soil.

Pine. Larch. Spruce. Oak. Beech.

Heading upwards as the slope gradually leads. Granite boulders shine like teeth in the grin of the shadows.

‘Sliabh Thigh Bródáin,’ Mac had said the next morning. ‘The mountain of the house of Bródáin.’

‘Where’s that?’ asked Inteachán.

‘Sliabh Thigh Bródáin is the 561st highest mountain in Ireland,’ continued Mac. ‘With a cairn on top and,’ Mac paused, ‘though I now hate to use the word, a legend attached.

‘Tell me more,’ said Inteachan.


Inteachán – Book Three: Operation Turnback 3: 8 ‘as necessary and required’

It was announced the next morning that Crowley-Baird Inc. had extended a ‘significant’ loan to the government for ‘the administration of logistical support and other measures as necessary and required.’

Later that day the Taoiseach addressed the nation live on television.

‘Extraordinary times,’ he intoned, ‘will always require extraordinary measures not to mention extraordinary generosity.’

The news roused Mac from his stupor.

“Have we learned nothing from our past?’ he railed at the screen.

Inteachán was pleased to see the old Mac returning.

The Eleventh Film – Horror/Science Fiction Flash Fiction Series

lumiere 1

The Eleventh Film VIII

With nothing left, the world began to slowly exhaust itself.
And that was when the first transmission was received.
Two voices. Discordant harmony.
Looping continually.
Heard all around the globe.
It became more apparent with every listen that the world was listening to the sound of its own demise. There was nothing else to do but accept this as the end it truly was.
There was a hope that once shone deep within us all. That all these questions might simply resolve themselves over time as questions are wont to do. But it was the absence of discernible answers that made the questions themselves fade from view.
Leaving only empty.

The Eleventh Film – Horror/Science Fiction Flash Fiction Series

The Eleventh Film VII

Ministers rushed to anoint these visitors with a sacred hue. Channelling their embrace for global purposes. The world’s biggest stadia were filled with their expectant flock, desperate for an embrocation.

The angels moved among like the wary wolves they were.




It’s too easy to say that this should not have happened. Perhaps the world needed to listen less to demagogues and more to the Earth itself.

In any case, all points were moot now.

It just got cold.

And that was that.


Ever more.

The Eleventh Film


Auguste and Louis Lumière organized the first public film screening on December 28th 1895 at the Salon Indien du Grand Café in Paris. Eleven short films were on the bill that night. Only ten films were listed.

  1. Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory

  2. The Sprinkler Sprinkled

  3. The Disembarkment of the Congress of Photographers in Lyon

  4. Horse Trick Riders

  5. Fishing for Goldfish

  6. Blacksmiths

  7. Baby’s Breakfast

  8. Jumping onto the Blanket

  9. Cordeliers Square in Lyon

  10. The Sea

The eleventh film was called Pazuzu returning to the World – a desert scene, with a half-buried broken statue and the wind blowing. It ran for only one second and was not noticed by the audience.

The Fall and Rise of Pearly Stockwell?


‘Those sandals are a scandal, sir’, said Pearly to the busker. ‘And there is no call for a live performance this early in the morning without the proper permits and permissions.’

The adventures of a supercilious six-year old child detective who solves crimes with the help of the three Gordy boys, Wanderley, Windy and Wes, (who call themselves the Interesting Twins) first came to my attention via the Pearly Stockwell and the Interesting Twins Wonder Detective Comic Book Super Series, a reasonably unsuccessful series of black and white comics published by the extremely obscure IT Publishing.

As you will know if you have read the series, Pearly moves to Fallstown following a commuter train tragedy that killed her parents. Fallstown is a small place in the middle of nowhere that is somehow a perpetual magnet for all minds and matters criminally oriented. Pearly doesn’t have much to bring to her new home apart from the fortune she inherited from her parents and her big city ways.

Appalled by an unfortunate incident which resulted in her suitcase being mistakenly switched, Pearly takes it upon herself to establish a detective agency by placing an advertisement in the Fallstown Provider looking for like-minded individuals.

‘Experience not essential but you must have a belief in truth, justice and an aching desire to find out things’

Her advertisement is answered by the Interesting Twins and the rest is history.

The comics only ran for a single series before the paying public decided that Pearly’s big city ways were just too much for them. For completists everywhere here is the full list of published titles:

1. Pearly Stockwell and the Letter from the Past

2. The Octopus and His Evil Plans for Pearly Stockwell

3. The Lost Treasure of Fallstown

4. Pearly Saves the Seaside

5. Windy Wins the Deadliest Race of his Little Life

6. Pearly and the Merchant Bankers

7. Pearly and the Missing Magic Ring

8. Here Comes the Interesting Twins to Save the Day

9. Pearly Meets the Ghostly Angler

10. We Really Hope You Can, Pearly Stockwell!

11. Pearly Stockwell and the Letter that Was Hidden But Everyone Could Really See

12. When Toyshops Attack

13. Pearly and the Harvest Moon

14. Pearly Stockwell and the Fate of the Fête

15. Pearly Breaks a Leg

16. The Circus has Lost a Clown

17. Pearly Lose the Plot, Or Does She?

18. Pearly Squares the Magic Circle

The comic book series was turned into an audio book series and if you scour the thrift shops or look online you might still be able to find the recordings somewhere.

There has been a very recent upsurge in interest in Pearly Stockwell and her adventures and I even read a rumour somewhere that there might be plans for reviving the series. There does also seem to be some very recent online activity.

Currently these are only rumours but they do also extend as far as tentative suggestions about a screenplay also being produced. I will look into this and if I hear any more on this topic I will let you know.

Until then, beware The Octopus and his ‘his eight mean legs of greed, theft, evil, selfishness, anger, violence, meanness and insanity’.