VIRO Book Three NOW available in paperback and for download


Hello Everyone

I am thrilled to announce that Book Three in the VIRo series has recently been launched and is available for purchase online and in all good bookshops. The series is going from strength to strength and as of this morning the Kindle version of Book One is still Number One in the Amazon chart. If you want to see what all the fuss is about then why not get your FREE copy of Book One here.

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Three New Things I’ve Learned about giving away VIRO for FREE on Amazon

Hi Everyone

Here’s three things I’ve learned about giving away VIRO for FREE on Amazon this week.

1. Free is a good thing.

Giving away a version of Book One in the VIRO series – click the link here to get your electronic copy – has made a tremendous difference. Admittedly, I am giving the book away but any potential loss in terms of revenue – something that hasn’t really been a factor with the electronic version – is most definitely outweighed by getting the book out there. Obviously, the plan is that giving away enough FREE versions will drive readers to VIRO [Book Two]; and Book Three [once it is finished]

2. Amazon categories and keywords are still a work in progress.

I have spent a lot of time engaging with Amazon in terms of developing the right categories and even though I have seen some positive developments, it is still a work in progress. The beauty of Amazon is that you can keep tweaking. The downside of this is that I still have a lot to learn.

3. Being Number One really helps. I mean really helps!

Getting to Number One in an Amazon chart has really made a difference. I know it sounds too obvious to even mention but getting to the top of an Amazon best seller list has really impacted positively on downloads. The plan is to leverage this position to climb the other charts.



If you are interested in helping VIRO further infect the Amazon charts by joining the #VIROSWARM then you can get your FREE version of Book One by clicking on the word INFECTION.



VIRO – ‘Absolutely thrilling’

Hi Everyone

VIRO has just received another FIVE STAR review and I thought I would share it with you. The review is from fourteen year-old JP and really captures what I was trying to achieve with the book. I am delighted that the book is reaching people and making them respond so positively.

‘Absolutely thrilling. I loved every page more than the previous, to the point that I couldn’t stop reading.
Jake, a unique and curious character with good intentions. Ellis, the cunning and loyal girl who sees that Jake is different. Abe, brave but not so bold. Amber, intent on getting the Job done the quickest way possible. These four kids make their way through a zombie infected place they used to call home, struggling to cling on to the things they love and desperately seeking safety.
I was left on the edge of my seat when I finished the book with a thirst for more adventure!
JP (Aged 14)’

Great News – VIRO – Book Two just released – Get your copy now …


Hi Everyone

Due to popular demand, I am thrilled to announce that Book Two in the VIRO series has just been published. Although somewhat earlier than initially planned, it is a buyer’s market and demand was such that I took the decision to bring the publication date forward.

Jake and the other survivors are still fighting for their lives as they hunt for his mother and Book Two brings a whole new series of challenges for them.

Both books in the series are available in paperback and electronic form and links to Amazon are embedded in the images.

Book One and Book Two are also available from Smashwords and I am currently running a promotion where Book One is available for FREE for a limited period of time. Follow the links for more details. All you need to do is use the coupon code JM97Y and redeem your FREE copy of Book One in the VIRO series. Smashwords offers the following ebook formats: epub, mobi, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt, html.

Reviews for Book One have been very positive so far:

‘I absolutely loved this book. Powerful and poignant, ‘Viro’ packs a punch. Sad and haunting, ‘Viro’ is a new take on the zombie genre.The characters are dynamic and interesting, finding strength despite their horrifying circumstances. Jake is a character that will stick with you long after the final page. The action sequences are thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait to read Book Two!!’

Don’t take my word for it, why not see for yourself.

VIRO – Paperbacks, EBooks, Mouse Mats, Coffee Mugs and Branded Ballpoint Pens


Hi Everyone

VIRO hit the (virtual) bookshelves yesterday.

This is Book One in the series and tells the story of Jake.

Jake is different but so is the world now.

You can buy VIRO in paperback or as an eBook.

There is a link embedded in the image.

As always, I would delighted to know what you think.


All this publishing excitement got me thinking about mouse mats, coffee mugs and ballpoint pens.

There was a time when everyone used a mouse mat.

Does anyone use one any more?

What about branded coffee mugs?

Given to us by reps and other people on behalf of other people.

Along with ballpoint pens.

And mouse mats.

Branded ballpoint pens.

Branded mouse mats.

My mats all perished a long time ago.

My mugs got chipped and stained.

The branded ballpoint pens tend to be the cheapest ones you can get.

Which is why I guess they were freely given away.

By people.

On behalf of other people.

Do you still have a mouse mat?

Are you using it as you read this?