Barrow Girl – Tomb Raider meets the Book of Kells – Chapter One


Barrow Girl

Chapter One

A dark and filthy night. Black as black. Like Evil settled as an inviolable sheath. A foul wind keens. In the darkness of the distance sits a small mound barely-glimpsed from here. A lonely tree bent double on top and aching from the endless torment of its exposure. Nothing is abroad. Nor ever should be. No one walks on a night like this.

But wait. A small figure stands next to the tree. Delicate amid the destruction. Gently lifting a large flat stone with a rusty crowbar. Carefully looping a rope around the waist of another stone. Tying it off. Lowering the other end into a small black hole that leers like a baleful eye in the frightening night. Pulling the rope. Testing the knot.

Inteachán is twelve years old. She climbs down holes. Retrieving relics. Important things. Tombs. Graves. Cairns.

Inteachán calls herself Bara Cailín.

Barrow Girl.

© Barnaby Taylor 2018 – All Rights Reserved

Bara Cailín – End of Book 1

Hi Everybody

And so yesterday’s post brought to an end the first book in the Bara Cailín series. Episode 1:1 was published on July 8th 2015 and every day since then Inteachán’s battle to save the planet from the evil machinations of the NotBeSpeak has led us all to this point.

I am currently preparing Book One for publication and I hope to have more news on this very very soon. I am also working on the cover and again I hope to be able to post more on this as well as soon as I can.

Book Two of Bara Cailín is also currently in the planning stages and will be underway very shortly.

How will Mac, Gilly and Iseult fare?

Is Terminal Transit really the end of mankind?

Will Inteachán ever make it back to save the world?

All will be revealed in Book Two.

I am absolutely thrilled that so many people have been kindly following, sharing, liking and commenting on Inteachán’s adventures – it really means a lot to me to know that people do actually read the things that I write so I would like to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to all of you.

I have really enjoyed interacting with you all and I look forward to this interaction continuing. If you have any thoughts or feedback on Bara Cailín then please feel free to leave a comment in the form below.

You can also find Inteachán and follow her on Twitter here @BaraCailin.

Starting tomorrow I have a brand-new series starting for you all to enjoy but until then I would like to say many many thanks once again for all your support and kindness and loyalty.

Kind regards



Bara Cailín 5: 50 ‘an upturn in this planet’s fortunes’

As I lay beneath this ragged tarpaulin after a hard day’s destruction I struggle to find the strength to keep writing this account but someone has to do something and though I know that they will shoot me when they catch me I have to keep writing so that maybe someone one day will find it and read about the time that the world still had hope.

Because all the while that I can write then all is not lost.

And all the while that all is not lost then the whole world can still wait and hope and pray (if that is your thing) for that time when it may well be that all this waiting and hoping (and praying) will bring about an upturn in this planet’s fortunes.

End of Book I

Bara Cailín 5: 49 ‘the chaos and the screaming’

Amidst the chaos and the screaming and the suffering and the hatred and the horror and the hopelessness and the gunfire and the pleading and the taunting and the sheer futility of it all a small child works alone in Front Square. A small child with a broken nose who works all day, using a household hammer to smash bricks until her arm burns and she cannot lift it any more. Spent and close to collapse, this small child then falls asleep near where I am laying. No one pays her any mind.

Bara Cailín 5: 48 ‘even in the darkest darkness’

And yet existence can live alongside the very destruction of the same and though the notion of life here is clearly finite in its duration it is the same life that resolves to sing as the firing squad takes aim or signal eternal defiance with a shout from the scaffold and until there is no-one left to hear the song or hear the shout then there is always the hope that even songs and shouting might actually signal something more than simple silent resignation. And even in the darkest darkness ever to have descended from way beyond on-high there are still voices to be heard. They may be single. They may be strangled. They may be shortened. But they are voices all the same.

Bara Cailín 5: 47 ‘an invisible ink’

The evil of the NotBeSpeak would make great art, were both things possible of existing in the same space. Which, of course, in this instance, they are not.

New and dizzying depictions of Hell and human suffering to be captured with oil and gauche and mechanical reproduction.

Images capturing earthly contortions and the agony of existence with a clarity and ferocity not witnessed since the Renaissance.

But much like an invisible ink designed to disappear during the very act of writing any recording is doomed and must likely die in the same second that it is born.

Bara Cailín 5: 46 ‘coffee, committee and conversation’

None of this is to suggest or even suppose that the evil of the NotBeSpeak is founded on coffee, committee and conversation. This evil is very different altogether.

It is of the random.

The indifferent.

The deliberate.


And other words now.




Wholly detached from reason and emotion and therefore alive in the heart of other words.